About Us

Company Overview

Zienac Pharmaceutical is a Philippine based company and was founded on February 2019 as a Contract Manufacturer / Importer / Exporter and a Distributor Company. It focuses under the category of pharmaceutical drugs, food supplements, cosmetics and medical supplies. Zienac Pharmaceutical core value is to provide the best quality products to its customers and clients in affordable price. Its main motivation is the customer satisfaction and to fill the demand and the supply gaps in the market.

Zienac Pharmaceutical is a company with ethics. It’s people and management strive hard to provide high quality products to its customers and clients that will surely influence their lives in a positive manner.

Our company have wide reach in marketing & sales which helps to optimize the supply chain to meet our clients need. It is in our best interest to work closely with all aspects of the supply and distribution network including manufacturers, distributors, retailers and other entities.

Through our company in-house process team and R&D teams, we seek various ways to improve our operation and make sure that we will change lives. Customer surveys often suggest areas of improvement which has been practice in our business. Our regulatory team ensures that our products are well regulated in FDA Philippines and monitor the outcome in the market following the FDA guidelines and standard practice.

Our warehouses are well established following the proper protocols & standard practice with proper guidelines from FDA Philippines. We have a cold storage warehouse for temperature-maintained products with proper logistic facilities ensuring the stocks are well stored while maintaining the standard of the products.

In a short span of time, we are able to work with 30 manufacturers worldwide under pharmaceutical drugs, food supplements, cosmetics and medical supplies category.


To provide high-quality products at an affordable price reaching all Filipino sectors that influence lives in a positive manner.


To provide the best quality and highly effective products to our consumers in affordable price.


We do our business with ethics, honor all our commitments believing to maintain honesty, trust, professionalism and ethical behavior.

Team Work

We work as one cohesive team from the smallest unit to the board of directors while developing and retaining leader who continually raise the bar, provide directions, remove barriers and empower people to successfully achieve goals. We are dedicated to maintain a caring & supportive work environment that fosters a sharing of ideas, skills and resources.

Quality Services

We always ensure to provide best quality products from whole around the world to our customers providing an individualized business experience that assures customer satisfaction.

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